Tailbone pain caused by child beating

Beating a child on the bottom can damage the coccyx and cause long-term pain. Beating with a wooden paddle - originally a punishment devised for slaves - is outlawed in prisons and mental hospitals but still legal in schools in some US states.

Paddle for beating slaves and children         Beating a slave with a paddle

Souliere Leith was beaten with a paddle while attending a school for the deaf in Maine. She was hospitalised for two weeks for surgery on her damaged tailbone.

Anonymous has had coccyx pain since childhood, when her mother beat her "with whatever happened to be handy like wooden objects, toys, razor straps, rulers, paddles, etc."

April 2013 - A school principal in Dayton, Texas, beat a 12 year old boy with a paddle. The boy's mother says she had given the principal permission to paddle her son. The boy says that the principal stood in a baseball stance and swung with both hands. The family says he came home with bruises and blood covering his backside and complaining he was in severe pain. He was taken to the emergency room, where x-rays showed that the boy's tailbone was dislocated. Dayton ISD, Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office investigators and CPS are all investigating the allegations.

See Dayton ISD principal accused of fracturing 6th grader's tailbone during paddling

Updated 2013-05-01

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