No longer wincing in agony

Pranoy, India -

Posted 2021-01-03

My Father had 8 sessions so far with Dr Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists India) on two occasions i.e. first we had 5 sessions and after a month and half we had 3 sessions for Tailbone Manipulation, and the difference is tremendous, up to 60% of pain is gone. My father has been suffering for years with excruciating coccyx pain which seems to appear out of nowhere a few months after a trip on Horse Ride during his Kedarnath pilgrimage trip in India, and the doctors and Physios we consulted were of no help. They didn't even get the diagnosis right.

We found Dr Rajveer Singh by sheer luck, through researching Tailbone specialists on google (which brought us here in Bangalore, India). He was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong through x-ray and consultation. We were so happy that we got our diagnosis and a correct Doctor to believe that the pain will finally go away. What a relief it was to feel that someone was committed to improving my father's condition, and not dismiss the pain by painkillers and exercise.

My father is now able to sit or stand most of the time without wincing in agony. There is still some lingering pain at times, but only if he sits for too long, or directly on the coccyx without the pillow. He's actually shown him the right way to sit, the right posture to have, and told him to ditch the hard seated chairs.

We also appreciate the fact that although he focuses on the coccyx pain, he's happy to give insight on other conditions/concerns my father has going on

He's extremely professional, yet friendly and will put you at ease (very reassuring as my father agreed to internal manipulation).

Although we still don't know if coccyx will ever fully heal, we are confident that with a couple more sessions, we will see even more improvement, and we can never thank Dr Rajveer Singh enough for restoring some hope in my Father.

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