Able to sit after treatment by Dr. Rajvir Singh

Kishor, India -

Posted 2021-01-03

Thanks for recommending Dr. Rajvir Singh (see Doctors and specialists India) for Coccyx pain treatment.


I was suffering from Coccyx pain from last 1.5 years and was very uncomfortable to sit without a cushion. I tried lot of treatments, but not successful. I used to carry coccyx cushion with me, which is not convenient and embarrassing to carry.


I had 2 sessions, each session of 5 days with Dr. Rajvir Singh, and now I am able to sit for 3-5 hours without any cushion and my sitting time is increasing. Now I do not use any cushion for sitting.

I would say Dr. Rajvir Singh is a gem personality, very experienced for coccyx treatment and I highly recommend Dr. Rajvir Singh for coccyx related treatment.

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