Exercises have reduced the pain by 70%

Anushka, India - anushkakar.ece@gmail.com

Posted 2021-02-21

My journey with coccyx pain started 4 months back. Till date I do not know what caused it exactly but I can blame it on a couple of factors

1. I lost a lot of weight because I did a lot of cardio and no strengthening exercises which probably weakened my glutes.

2. I sat a lot more than before because had a sitting job which further weakened my glutes and back.

3. I had a small case of hemorrhoids 2 weeks before the coccyx pain which caused tightening and pain in my anus which probably pulled on the muscles of the coccyx (as they are all very interconnected).

2nd week of October 2020

I first started getting small bouts of lower back pain and then coccyx pain which increased in intensity slowly.

November 2020

Ignored the pain and just powered through with hot bags and painkillers. But by the last week it was unbearable and more pronounced after my periods where I could not sit for more than 20 mins.

5th December 2020

Finally decided to visit a physiotherapist,Praveena Satish Kumar (see Doctors and specialists in India).

The physiotherapist first started treating my lower back pain (as I also had severe lower back pain) and said that my coccyx pain could be related to lower back. She treated it with TENS and few exercises.

25th December 2020

My lower back pain had reduced massively but my coccyx pain was very much there. So I went back to the therapist. She then started treating my coccyx with ultrasound for 8 sessions.

15th January 2020

Realised my coccyx pain had only reduced a little so went back to my therapist. She then taught me a few pelvic floor exercises to relax and strengthen the muscles around coccyx. I did the exercises for 4 weeks and my pain reduced by 70%. I have some discomfort now but I know I'm getting better. Every day is a little better than the previous day.

Following are the exercises I do.

1. Sit in cross legged position and do deep inhalation and long exhalation for 5 mins.

2. Single leg knee to chest stretch (3 times each leg and hold for 10 counts)

3. Glute stretch (3 times each leg and hold for 10 counts)

4. Bridges (10 times hold for 5 counts)

5. Pelvic tilts (10 times)

6. Pigeon stretch (2 times each side for 16 counts)

7. Cat and cow (10 times)

8. Donkey kicks (10 counts each side and slowly increase after a few days)

9. Side leg raises (10 counts each side and slowly increase after a few days)

10. Child's pose

11. Salabhasana - the locust pose (10 counts)

12. Cobra pose (10 counts)

13. Ardha shalabhasana (10 counts each side)

14. Butterfly pose

15. Supta Baddha Konasana (end with this with deep breathing and imagine relaxing your pelvic muscles (anus, groin, butt) etc. Take deep breaths and long exhalations.

I do them in the same sequence I have written above.

The motto of these exercises is to simultaneously relax and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Just a caution - this will work only if your coccyx pain is non traumatic - sitting a lot, weight loss, sitting on hard surface, etc.

If you have had a fall or an accident it's better to have an x-ray (especially a dynamic x-

ray) to check for dislocations and speak to a specialist.

Please stop them immediately if you get any stabbing pain.

I will post an update once I'm 100% better. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Praying for all your speedy recovery.

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