Full coccygectomy finally got rid of the pain

Saranjit, UK - sanj_home@hotmail.com

Posted 2020-11-15

My line of work involves working with vulnerable disadvantaged young people. On a daily basis I deliver programmes, one to one mentoring and admin duties.

In late 2014 I was conducting a client home visit and as I got up from the sofa I noticed a sharp pain on the bottom of my back which led me to hold the sofa for support to get up. I initially thought it was a one off issue. However, over the course of months it became a permanent issue.

In 2015 I booked an appointment with my local GP who referred me to get an x-ray at Dudley Russell Hall hospital which took almost a year. My x-ray explained by Dr Soubrash said that my tailbone was too curved and I had a fall years ago which has led to this.

Following this I contacted my brother in law who had surgery with Dr Maigne in Paris (see Doctors and specialists in France). My brother in law referred me to Dr Maigne to get a second opinion. In 2017 I went to Paris to see Dr Maigne to get a consultation and xray which identified I had a dislocated coccyx. Dr Maigne explained that I could manage with steroid injections but surgery would be needed.

I returned to Dr Maigne until 2019 yearly for these injections and would not be able to live my daily life if I did not continue with this treatment. Once the injections would wear off I was very dependant on cocodamel to live my life as normal as possible.

Before my last visit to Dr Maigne in 2019 through the power of social media my brother in law informed me about Dr Hardy in Spire Bristol Hospital (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Avon). I read up on his reviews and went to see Dr Hardy in June 2019. Within minutes I felt at ease and I knew it was time for my operation as I could not manage with injections any longer. He advised me not to have any more injections before the surgery and I did suffer tremendously as my operation was booked in June 2020 and my last injection was in March 2019.

Due to covid my operation was postponed to 14th July 2020. I had a full coccygectomy removal. It has been the best decision I made. My wound healed perfectly in 6 weeks and I was luckily infection free. I am back at work now where I drive an hour away there and back. I do not have my original coccyx pain at all but I do get aches on my lower back due to my core muscles not being as strong. I am having pysio for these.

I have to say Dr Hardy's post op care and support and information has been invaluable. He is a very person centred surgeon.

I am grateful for the information from your site and other social media sites where I have learnt so much and helped me with my own received which is still ongoing.

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