I injured my tailbone pole-vaulting 20 years ago

Namaste, India - hemantpundit@gmail.com

Posted 2020-10-25

February 2019, I consulted Dr Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India), after I got to know about him from coccyx.org, for tailbone pain. I injured my tailbone 20 years back pole-vaulting. The pain subsided then but in the last 10 years pain increased as my job involves sitting a lot.

After Dr Rajveer manipulated the tailbone internally, my pain reduced 80%. I was also regular with all the exercises and walks that he suggested.

In the last couple of months the pain came back slightly and I consulted him again 15 days back (Oct 5 2020) and got a shorter manipulation session done. Now I feel so much better now and the pain is just 10-15%.

PS - From my personal experience I would suggest to not miss the daily exercises.

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