Tailbone pain started in pregnancy

Manoj, India - mandythecool@gmail.com

Posted 2020-11-08

My wife had been suffering from Tailbone pain for past 2 years. It started when she was pregnant and was suffering from constipation. We consulted ortho doctors, pain therapists, massage therapists but nothing seemed to reduce the pain even a bit.

The ortho doctor gave her cortisone steroid injection on her tailbone twice with a gap of 6 Months. Then he performed a procedure "coccyx Manipulation Using Anaesthesia ". During which he told us there is a pilonidal sinus problem above her tailbone and it has to be removed. We had lost the peace of mind because of the continuous surgical procedures with zero improvement on her problem. The surgery was performed and there was no improvement.

Then while searching for doctors to treat tailbone problems, we came across Dr.Syeda Mubashira (Physiotherapist) in Bangalore who had many positive testimonials from patients with coccyx problem (see Doctors and specialists in India). We travelled to Bangalore to undergo one week treatment for coccyx pain.

Her approach and explanation of the problem was very much satisfying and gave us a hope that we can overcome this problem. She also explained the possible cause of her pilonidal sinus problem, which was because of wrong approach in our previous treatments.

On the first day she performed the manipulation of tailbone and for the first time in two years my wife felt a complete relief on the coccyx area.

The treatment went on for a week which involved the strengthening of various other muscles in body to support the tailbone area. We have been asked to follow up in 3 months. Until then my wife has to continue the physical exercises to improve her condition.

We are very thankful to Dr.Syeda Mubashira for handling my wife's condition with good knowledge of the underlying problem.

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