Tailbone pain and neck pain

Karthika, India - pkarthikacivil@gmail.com

Posted 2020-06-21

This is Karthika, aged 29. I was having tail bone pain for more than 4 years and neck pain for around 10 years. Because of neck pain and bad posture I developed tailbone pain. I took several treatments and was doing regular exercise. But I did not get much improvement. It was affecting my day today work. I quit my job and I couldn't travel and even socialize. My health condition was affecting my efficiency badly. I felt depressed often.

Six months ago my tail bone pain got worse. Severe pain when I sneeze and cough. Sometimes I was not able to walk after sitting.

I came to know about Tailbone treatment clinic online. Then I consulted Dr. Mubhashira mam. (see Doctors and specialists in India). She is so friendly and helpful. She understood my problem better and genuinely she wants her patients to get cured. We started our manipulation treatment after taking a dynamic x-ray and she planned my exercise. I had anterior angulation and right tilt of tailbone.

She strictly advised me not to sit anywhere without coccyx cushion and avoid two wheelers.

After treatment till 20 days I was having severe pain. Then the pain started reducing little by little.

Now after 6 months with 3 manipulations and regular exercise I m feeling much better. Now I am able to sit 20 mins continuously without cushion. And we are about to start Neck pain treatment soon. Hope I will get better and start my career soon. I am happy that I am in right hands.

Mubhashira mam is one of the best knowledgeable physiotherapists in Bangalore. Moreover she is a good human. I like her manual release techniques that helps me a lot in pain management. Now a days physiotherapists rarely do release techniques manually and it is very hard to find a female doing internal manipulation in India. So I personally feel worth spending here.

As my pain is chronic, she conveyed to me in the beginning it will take more time to get full cure. So people having chronic pain like me, which is an invisible disability can visit the clinic once. I'm sure you will not regret.

Hope we all get well soon and thanks to my doctor Mubhashira mam.

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