My tailbone problem solved by J Mazumdar

M Dev, India -

Posted 2020-01-12

I was suffering for 5 long years with tailbone pain in my lower back, couldn't get proper treatment anywhere. The pain used to subside temporarily but again come back in a few days.

I was tired and after many people recommended Pro physiotherapy clinic, managed by J Mazumdar physiotherapist expert in spinal pain management (see Doctors and specialists in India), I visited. Physiotherapist J Mazumdar and Sheerya S explained the problem with root cause analysis in a way I understood the issue. Their approach is very convincing.

I took almost 20 physiotherapy sessions. They prescribed me a sitting cushion, and do's and don'ts. They use some machines and exercises it was taking time but I'm pain free now, again I am riding two-wheeler and four wheeler and there is no pain. They prescribed me the right type of exercises and do's and don'ts.

I was very nicely treated. Also I am regularly doing exercises. Now I am clear about the right exercises for me. I would recommend everyone with tailbone pain and back pain to go to Pro Physiotherapy Clinic.

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