Paris Symposium on Coccyx Disorders 2016

(Flyer for Paris coccyx symposium)

Procedings of the symposium

Papers presented at the symposium

History of coccydynia - Jon Miles, UK

Anatomy of the coccyx and related structures - Roger Robert, Nantes - France

Comparative anatomy - Cyrille Cazeau, Paris - France

Dynamic films. Technique and results. The different lesions of the coccyx. Pitfalls in interpretation - Jean-Yves Maigne, Paris - France

MRI and CT scanner - Isabelle Pigeau, Paris - France

Clinical examination of the painful coccyx - Jean-Yves Maigne, Paris - France

Sacrococcygeal tumours and cysts in adults - Charles Court, Paris - France

Pudendal neuralgia - Mansour Khalfallah, Biarritz - France

Chronic anal pain and anorectal dyssynergia - Fre´de´rique Le Breton, Paris - France

Neurologic and myofascial disorders mimicking coccygodynia - Ame´lie Levesque, Nantes - France

Coping with coccyx pain - Jon Miles, Oxford - UK

Injections of the coccyx (discs and spicules). Technique and results - Jean-Yves Maigne, Paris - France

Ganglion impar injection - Patrick Foye, Newark - USA

Manual therapy for coccyx pain - Michael Durtnall, London - UK

Surgical technique - Levon Doursounian, Paris - France

History of coccygectomy - Levon Doursounian, Paris - France

Indications, follow-up and results - Levon Doursounian, Paris - France

Results of CT guided injections for coccydynia - Elif Gurkan, Istambul - Turkey

A Sting in the Tail - Michael Durtnall, London - UK

Day surgery for coccyx patients. Experiences from St. Olavs Hospital - Rainer G Knobloch, Trondheim - Norway

External correction of the coccyx bone - Meine Veldman, Bilthoven - Netherlands

Rare lesions of the coccyx - Jean-Yves Maigne, Paris - France

Management of surgical failure - Jean-Yves Maigne, Paris - France

Intractable coccyx pain. What can do a pain specialist ? - Anne Lassaux, Paris - France

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