Problems with 'absorbable' sutures

When a surgeon is finishing a coccygectomy, they may suture up the flesh under the skin using Vicryl absorbable sutures. The point of these is that the suture material should be absorbed by the body over a few weeks, after the tissue has healed. Unfortunately, in some cases these sutures do not get absorbed, and they can cause irritation, infection and re-opening of the wound. This is a known problem with these sutures - see:

Nine people have reported this problem occurring after coccygectomy: Lynn, Bel, Donna, Richard, Cathy, Rhonda, Trudy and Jon Miles and one other who has not posted here yet. Others who have experienced delayed healing of the wound may well have suffered from this problem. The nurse who removed my un-absorbed suture when it was causing the wound to re-open told me that surgeons do not realise how often this happens, because in most cases it is a nurse who removes the failed suture.

If you are having this surgery, you need to be aware of this possible problem. It only occurs in a minority of patients, but when it happens it can cause serious problems in healing after the operation. You should discuss this with your surgeon before the operation.

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