Why don't doctors take coccyx pain seriously?

Many people find that their general practitioner will not take their tailbone pain seriously. If simple painkillers don't work, they may tell the patient that they just have to live with the pain. Sometimes they even suggest that people are imagining the pain.

This is a desperate situation to be in - suffering pain that prevents you from carrying on your normal life, but denied treatment. Many people suffer for years like this.

Why do so many doctors act like this? They are often ignorant of the causes and treatments of coccyx pain. But ignorance is no excuse. It is a scandal that they do not take their patients' suffering seriously.

What can you do about it?

If possible, go to a specialist listed on this website, even if you have to travel. All of those listed have been recommended by a patient, or have published medical papers on the subject of coccyx pain, or have asked to be added to the list of specialists themselves. All of them are aware that this is a real problem, and are ready to take it seriously.

If you have to see a doctor who is not a coccyx specialist, then your aim should be to get referred to a specialist. Here is what you can do:

This advice is for when you are seeing an unhelpful general practitioner. If it is a specialist who is unhelpful, there is no point speaking to them. Leave, and find a better specialist.

Stand up for your right to proper treatment!

Updated 2017-01-15

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