Getting a dynamic sit/stand x-ray for coccyx pain

Sally Cowell

I found out about the standing and sitting x-ray from Jon's web page. By showing my Doctor some of the information about them, I was able to have my Doctor order the x-rays. It was obvious that no one in the process had ever heard of the stand/sit x-rays, so I worked out the best way of a good result.

In the days before I experimented with pain killers to work out what would take the edge off the pain of sitting directly on the tip of the coccyx, so I could tolerate it. I also had to be able to feel well enough to judge the best (worst) sitting angle. I practised sitting, to work out the best (most painful) angle which was leaning back a bit. I made a print out of the information from Jon's site of how to do the procedure, this I handed to the staff when I arrived. The staff thought that it had come from my Doctor and made many repeat x-rays until they got a clear picture. I also took something hard to sit on. In my case it was a large plastic kitchen cutting board. Just as well I took it as the chair to sit on had a soft seat.

When I got my results it showed up the problem, thin bones. Previously all reports stated nothing could be found wrong. My report had a remark on the bottom that it 'was an interesting case', I think they were referring to stand/sit x-ray technique which none of them had heard of before. I hope that others will benefit from my introducing them to it. Thanks Jon for your web site.

Note from Jon Miles:

The most detailed explanation of the method is in the paper Management of Common Coccygodynia. Sally showed the paper Treatment strategies for coccydynia to her doctor and radiologist. Because this is a PDF file, it prints out without the page headings giving the web address, so it is not obvious that it has been printed off the web. If your doctor or radiologist is one of those people who believes that the web is all nonsense, it might be better to use the second of these papers, although it gives less detail.

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