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Angela got a report on the surgery from her surgeon:

Procedure and findings:

The patient was anesthetized by general anesthetic and positioned prone on the Wilson frame. All pressure points were attended to. A sterile draping of the patient's lower spinal cord and perirectal area was performed. An Op-Site was placed to seal the rectum off from the operative area. A sterile draping was performed and 1g Ancef given intravenously preoperatively.

A direct longitudinal incision of approximately 4-cm to the distal coccyx was performed. With blunt dissection and meticulous cauterization of blood vessels down to the posterior border or the coccyx. Dissection was taken with blunt dissection around the tip of the coccyx. The last segment of the coccyx was removed subperiosteally. The upper three segments of the coccyx were obviously very mobile, loose and was protruding into the rectum. These were removed with meticulous dissection and subperiosteal dissection. Two arterial blood vessels were cauterized after removal of the coccyx, an assistant did a rectal examination. There was no violation of the rectum that could be seen. There was approximately 5 mm of tissue between the rectal wall and the operative bed.

The wound was drained with a 1/8 " Hemovac. Suturing performed with Dexon 2-0 and Surgilene 4-0. A compressive dressing was applied and the patient discharged to the recovery room in satisfactory condition.

Note from Jon Miles: Wilson Frame. Device used for positioning of patients for surgery of the lumboscacral spine. When patient is placed on it during surgery, it flexes the spinal column to increase the space between the bones making it easier for the surgeon to see and work in the area of pathology.

Here is a picture of a Wilson frame from a manufacturer.

wilson frame

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