Surgery to remove the coccyx is sometimes used when other treatments have failed. Before going for surgery, be sure of two things: that you are a good candidate for surgery, and that your surgeon has plenty of experience and success with this operation. If you do that, there's an 80% chance of getting rid of the pain. More details here

Repair of damaged coccyx joint

In a few cases, surgery has been carried out to repair a damaged joint. This is not a routine procedure, and very few surgeons will be familiar with it. More details here

Disconnection of coccyx from muscle attachments (coccygotomy)

In the 19th and early 20th centuries some surgeons carried out a minor operation to disconnect the coccyx from muscles that were pulling it out of position. This operation fell out of fashion in favour of coccygectomy, and does not appear to have been carried out in recent years. More details here

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