Surgical repair of coccyx joint

In a few cases, surgery has been carried out to repair a damaged joint. This is not a routine procedure, and very few surgeons will be familiar with it. Two cases are reported in the medical literature.

Bergkamp and Verhaar (PDF) reported that a woman fell downstairs and dislocated her coccyx at the sacrococcygeal joint. They lifted the coccyx back into place and fixed it to the sacrum using four vicryl absorbable sutures, which disappear within 60 days. Follow-up at 6 months and two years showed that the operation had been successful.

repair of coccyx joint

Kim, Han and Yin used a metal pin screwed into the bone to correct a dislocated coccyx.

Cathy did not want to have her coccyx removed, and found a surgeon willing to repair the joint. He successfully reduced the dislocation and stabilised the reduction with three pins and three tension bands.

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