Been on the mend ever since getting manual adjustment

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2021-01-10

I visited Dr. Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) in December, about one week after a fall where I hurt my coccyx.

I have been under general chiropractic care for many years so knew to look for a specialist. I found Dr. Durtnall came very well recommended on this site, and has amazing credentials for identifying and addressing issues with the coccyx.

In the days leading up to the appointment, the pain was increasing every day.

Dr. Durtnall has digital x-rays on site, so is able to take x-rays, make his own analysis immediately, and then treat what he sees. He understood my entire spine straight away. To my great relief, he was able to do a manual adjustment of my coccyx to get it moving again. It immediately felt better. I have been on the mend ever since; it is now two weeks later. I still have some pain if I am sitting for too long but I continue to improve. I am due for a follow-up visit in a few weeks. The great thing is that he also provides you with short videos of how to sit and exercise to ensure that you heal well.

He is totally professional and outright kind. There is no need to worry about a manual adjustment of the coccyx. If you are able to see Dr. Durtnall, you will be incredibly fortunate - like me.

I will report back after my follow up visit.

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