Long coccyx since birth

Anna, UK - annacockin@hotmail.com

Posted 2021-01-17

I've suffered from a long coccyx since birth. After childbirth and taking up horse riding, I developed severe coccyx pain causing me difficulties sitting down, driving a car and even sleeping in a back position. All very sore and painful.

Luckily a friend of mine recommended to see Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) after I had seen an orthopaedic surgeon recommending a removal of the outer pointy bit of the coccyx. Being medically trained myself, I thought surgery would be my only solution.

I ended up having a handful of treatments with Michael and the pain and inflammation slowly improved only to eventually completely resolve.

Now almost 4 years later I'm still pain free and I'm amazed of how well this ended.

Michael is fantastically skilled and I can highly recommend him and the Sayer clinic!

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