ZN, Algeria

Posted 2020-03-29

I fell on my coccyx August 2019, the pain was excruciating. I could no longer walk or climb the stairs. I could no longer do my daily activities and of course sitting down is a nightmare.

Of course I saw doctors but they misdiagnosed me, then they treated me with inflammatory drugs but in vain. The pain remained the same.

I went through episodes of depression. I did research on the internet for a coccyx specialist, I came across the clinic Sayer and doctor Michael (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I don't regret coming to see him. The first session I felt a clear improvement.

I advise you not to be afraid of internal manipulations, Michael is a very competent doctor and knows how to put people at ease. I have come to 10% now I am almost at 70% and I intend to finish my treatment to achieve 90% or 100% healing. I also did physiotherapy sessions with Karoline, she is very gentle and very competent and very attentive to her patients.

Finally I advise all those who suffer from coccyx to come to see the Doctor Michael Durtnall because you will not regret. For me the doctor Michael is a rare gem in medicine that god keeps and protects him

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