Increasing coccyx mobility

Sunita, UK -

Posted 2020-03-01

I have suffered with coccydnia for about 10 weeks. It was extremely painful and debilitating at the beginning, and I needed assistance to walk and get dressed etc. I saw Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) for a initial consultation in January for a different condition, but it just so happens he also specialises in coccydnia. He advised this may have occurred due to poor posture. After xrays in a standing position he firstly suggested a coccyx cushion which I use and carry with me daily.

I've had about 5 treatments with him and started with about 15% mobility which he has managed to treat with internal manipulation. I am now at about 50% and the normal range is about 70-75%. I have to stress there will be ups and downs which is normal, so you need to go in with an open mind, and know what to expect. I understand some people have an issue with internal manipulation but if you are in pain and you are being offered something that will reduce it then why not give it a go; it's honestly not that bad, and Michael is always very respectful and makes you feel at ease.

I have further treatments booked in with Michael so I'm sure I will get to the normal mobility range. Although the area is still painful it has reduced since Michael has been treating me, I feel I am halfway there. In my experience if you have coccydnia please see a specialist. The NHS only recommend shielding the pain with painkillers which does not help the matter; it needs to be treated!

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