First chiropractic treatment has made a noticeable improvement

Sean, UK -

Posted 2020-06-14

I first experienced pain back in October 2019, after a fall while hiking. Initially, the pain was masked by a lumbar injury I sustained at the same time which was much more painful. Soon, I noticed myself unable to sit down without pain, especially worse when I had to get up, which made my university experience difficult with lectures and seminars lasting hours at a time. I followed NHS advice and waited a few weeks before going to see a GP in the hope that it would heal by itself. The doctor I saw prescribed me naproxen, a strong anti-inflammatory, which did not help whatsoever.

A couple of months down the line, struggling with the pain, I spoke with another GP who was very helpful and understanding. After an internal examination, she suspected I had possibly fractured my tailbone, and referred me to the local hospital for an x-ray. Unfortunately, the hospital took 2 months to tell me it is impossible to x-ray the area (note: this is not true). The second GP I mentioned got in touch with me and said the only other option was physiotherapy, though the waiting list was too long and I would have finished university at this point. I returned home last month, and immediately tried to get advice from a local GP, though I had repeated to me what I had already been told: take painkillers, it's impossible to x-ray, physiotherapy is needed but the waiting list is several months long. I spoke to a private physiotherapist, but due to the pandemic finding treatment is even more difficult.

At this point, I believed I would never discover what is wrong with me and felt that no one would help. After months of believing myself untreatable and preparing for lifelong pain though only in my twenties, I found my mental wellbeing deteriorating, along with the hope of any relief. Thankfully, this site came to my attention and, on the day of writing this, I sought treatment at a local chiropractic clinic. As I have only just started treatment, I will include a link and review of the treatment in a future update, though the first treatment alone has made a noticeable improvement.

The diagnosis given to me was that I had in fact damaged my tailbone in this fall back in October, and the muscles surrounding my coccyx had essentially adjusted to make up for the damage, resulting in a musculoskeletal issue and inflammation of the tailbone and muscles. The chiropractor explained this as I woke up in the mornings with pain in the area, and morning pain is uncommon in someone in their early twenties, along with pain in one of my buttocks. Though I am still in early stages of treatment, I decided to write this now while I still remembered the diagnosis in case anyone reading is unsure of their symptoms and shared my chronic dread that they will never find anyone who understands their pain. I would also like to share some things I've learned throughout my experience:

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