Treatment from Dr Chan, chiropractor

Pam, USA

Posted 2020-04-19

About 8 months ago, my tailbone and lower back started to hurt and I didn't know why or what to do. I saw my Chiropractor who did all he could, went to Physical Therapy which was a bust, had 3 Cortisone shots into my Coccyx area, but nothing helped. I'm used to having to be my own medical detective, so I asked my Chirop. if he would X-ray my Coccyx which he did, and found that it was turned inwards and he said he could not help me with this, but told me about a treatment he called a "brown finger" treatment which at first, really grossed me out. He thought there might be a Chirop. Dr. in Seattle who did these.

Meanwhile the pain was getting so bad I couldn't even sit, so was standing all day which screwed my back up more. It was then I found this website which led me to Dr. Brian Chan in Seattle (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington), and being so desperate, I decided to at least have a consultation. I took my hubby along. Dr Brian was so amazing. He was extremely professional, very competent, so safe to ask questions to, and explained everything in a way I could easily understand it, so I thought let's go for it. Oddly enough it did NOT hurt. Lots of pressure, but he found that it was NOT my actual Coccyx that was out of place but the musculature and the ligaments holding the Coccyx that DID hurt when he massaged them. But it was short and he talked to distract me- it worked, too. Made it very tolerable. He found exactly where it was and what was wrong.

I was so very impressed as I noticed over the next few weeks by seeing him and doing the exercises, that it was starting to feel better. This continued for almost 2 months. Saw him 2x a week for a few weeks, then 1x a week, and now my next appt is in a month. It might be my last! Yay! I'm up to about 75% better after almost 2 months, that's a miracle for me.

I am so happy I did NOT have any surgery and acted as my own advocate. I would highly recommend Dr. Chan to anyone having pain in this unusual area and NOT have surgery until doing a consultation with him first. Tailbone pain is VERY bad, but it can heal if you are willing to think "out of the box". It's SO worth it! -Pam K.

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