Coccyx Dislocation: Childbirth Injury

Nadia, Wales, UK

Posted 2020-03-08

In August 2019, I gave birth to my daughter. The labour was long and difficult and I eventually had an assisted delivery. When the epidural wore off, I felt an immense pain in my buttocks and just assumed that it was bruising and would get better soon. I could not sit without being in pain and every time I would get up to stand I would feel a sharp tugging pain. Three months later and instead of getting better I actually felt a lot worse and sitting become even more uncomfortable.

I went to visit an orthopaedic surgeon who gave me an MRI scan and said he noticed a lot of bruising around the coccyx like it had been fractured and said to wait 6 months and it should heal. I was desperate and feeling low and luckily I came across this site with a lot of people mentioning their treatment with Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I booked an hour initial consultation immediately. Fortunately for me, I have private medical insurance and they have been extremely helpful and covered 10 sessions with the sayer clinic.

Michael took an xray and told me my coccyx was bent backwards 45 degrees and one of the joints was starting to calcify. In the same appointment, he spent 20 minutes doing the internal manipulation which I was grateful for this since I had travelled from Wales. Michael is very professional and friendly and it's always nice to listen to his stories (you almost forget you're having treatment).

Since then, I have had 10 treatments over the past 4 months. I would often feel very sore for the first 4 days and then a lot better. Sometimes, I would feel a lot better and then the next day it could get bad again. Sometimes, I would recline backwards to see how much progress I made. Michael has told me not to do this as this can undo the work he's trying to achieve and may push the coccyx backwards again. He is also very strict on not leaning to one side as this can create a lot of tension in the buttocks.

By about the 7th session, I did notice a lot of improvement. I would say I feel about 80% better. On a bad day, it can feel like 50% and on a good day it feels like 90%. If I use my cushion everywhere and I avoid sitting whenever possible this does help progress. Exercising and pelvic floor exercises are so important so help strengthen everything around the area. I exercise in some way every day (this also helps me get rid of my post partum weight.)

I have also been seeing Karolina at the Sayer clinic. She seems to know exactly what hurts in my body before I even tell her. She's amazing. She has helped me with my pelvic floor and all of the muscles around the coccyx. She has given me a lot of exercises to try and has recommended I take up pilates to improve my strength in these areas.

Michael is an expert in all things coccyx and it's a relief to speak to someone who can answer all of your questions and give you hope. I am continuing treatment as much as I can (every 2-3 weeks) before I go back to work and hoping to reach 100%.

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