Successful treatment of coccyx dislocation by Dr Chan

Larry, USA

Posted 2020-10-25

I was diagnosed with a rare and difficult to treat coccyx dislocation. No one in my HMO could fix it, no one even knew where to start! I spent 3 years in Dr offices, Chiropractors, and simply enduring the constant pain as I tried to avoid surgery to remove my entire tailbone. I had to work from home, I could barely move without shocking levels of pain.

My X-rays and mri showed my tailbone had the topmost bone segment arthritic and in the process of fusing to my sacrum. The second and third joins were hyper extending outward and at a slight angle into the flesh of my backside.

My family found references to Dr. Chan online as we searched for an answer (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington). His new office is in a little strip mall in the international district of Seattle, I arrived not a week after they started moving there after their old offices tragically burned down. I was so indescribably lucky that he and his staff are compassionate and heard the depth of my need, they worked with me for weeks to make the appointment happen as he had all his existing patients to see.

After several hours talking through my condition, studying my MRIs and X-rays then talking me through them he described a plan of action. He cautioned me that it was not certain to work, laid out risks, and informed me that my insurance will likely confirm that they will not cover the treatment. He answered my many, many questions and those of my fiancee with thoughtful answers and realistic expectations.

Such diligence and meticulous planning gave me the confidence that even if it doesn't completely fix my problem it may provide relief. A quick call to my insurance confirmed zero coverage but the price wasn't onerous. 4 sessions in a 2 week period, I agreed.

The treatment was...intense. 30 minutes or less, but excruciating and exhausting then a walk after to encourage mobility. There was "homework": kegels, proper sitting techniques, even reviews of my medical sitting pillows. Each session provided me with a marked increase in mobility, and later sessions reduced the pain overall. Two days after the last session my pain was almost totally gone when I woke, I had to work around the house to provoke it.

Now I am still waiting for new X-rays, I am stretching everyday and feel sore if I work too hard bending or lifting...but I can exist without pain. I can walk! Jog both up and down stairs without flensing my flesh! I can honestly smile and say "great!" when people ask me how I feel now. I owe that to a medical procedure that my insurance would not pay for, I owe that to Dr Brian Chan and his team. For agreeing to see me, right after their office burned down, in the middle of an outbreak, when my prognosis wasn't great for it working.

Needless to say I cannot recommend he and his team highly enough. He literally restored my life, ended three years of miserable agony and did so in a single month of treatment.

Larry's girlfriend adds:

I am SO beyond words grateful to Dr. Chan! My boyfriend is actually the patient but I was welcomed to be included throughout the sessions to hold his hand and understand what was going to take place.

I just wanted to share my perspective because from the outside looking in it is unbelievable the change I've seen. I didn't even realize how grouchy my boyfriend had become because so many years of pain became the norm. I have never heard him for over 3 years describe his pain level less then a 6 or 7 out of 10 and usually quite above that. Through the sessions with Dr. Chan I heard the numbers 3 and 2 and now ZERO!!!! Not every single day, but a ton of days I walk into the room and see my boyfriend beaming and happy in a way that almost shakes the room. I know it may sound like I'm exaggerating but I don't know how else to describe it, he scoops me up to hug me and you can just tell in his face that the matter what mood I'm in he is there to uplift me to where he is at now.

Dr. Chan is very good at explaining everything in a way that my divergent brain can understand. He balanced talking through what the likely steps would be but also letting us know it would be tailored to how the tailbone actually reacted to different levels of the treatment.

I was so scared that a dangerous operation was inevitable and the Doctor was very honest that success was not guaranteed or even necessarily likely after so long.

I have never seen the twinkle in a doctor's eyes like his if such passion mixed with his extreme professionalism and knowledge to make a true difference in people's lives. It is so incredibly rare to find this type of specialist out there and we are so fortunate we did. There is hope! Highly recommend this Dr. who has made it possible for us to have joy, regularity in day to day chores (so nice not to do them all myself anymore!) and become healthier and physically prepared for the future!

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