Vulval pain was caused by the coccyx

Katie, Surrey, UK

Posted 2020-05-31

After spending nearly 7 years having excruciating vulval pain and seeing different specialists and gynaecologists under the NHS and private and just being told the nerves are irritated and being given different pain medication. I'd had enough and become very down.

I did some research and found Dr Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London), he X-rayed me (which I had not had before) and he diagnosed my problem straight away. My Coccyx was the problem. He manipulated this and said I would be in a bit of discomfort for a while but then after a month and only one treatment I can happily say I am pain free which I never thought would be possible and I am nearly off my medication.

Dr Durtnall has been my saviour. He is a lovely caring and friendly man and has literally given me my life back. Anyone that is considering to see him do it, you will not look back.

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