50% relief after one chiropractic session


Posted 2020-09-13

My coccyx was unbearably painful after sitting with bad posture for over 20 years! I had put on weight and felt like the joint was on fire everytime I sat for longer than 5 minutes. I had been given 2 steroid injections by doctors at the pain clinic, which did absolutely nothing at all.

I then found Dr. Robert Griffiths in Notting Hill (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) after reading his reviews, I travelled to his clinic and immediately knew I'd made the right choice. He understood exactly what was wrong, explained everything to me and told me how long it would take to heal. Then he treated my tailbone that very same day!

I was over the moon, I felt INSTANT relief, the pressure had reduced by 50% after just one session (which was unbelievable as I had been told there was nothing else I could do by my GP). Then within 3 sessions the pain had gone almost completely. He also took the time to address my weight, diet, posture and exercise routine (or lack of it). I cannot thank Bob enough, he's such a kind bloke and has genuinely turned my life around!

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