Spicule on rigid coccyx caused pain after childbirth


Posted 2020-01-26

I had a problem with my coccyx and it was very painful to sit down. The problem arose after childbirth. When I started slimming down I noticed it was painful to sit down especially on hard surfaces and sometimes I would almost jump up as it was so sore.

After trying various NHS routes of physio, acupuncture, a chiro and a osteopath, it was when the NHS wanted to give me a steroid injection I thought of going to see Sayer Clinics (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I had researched this site before and found him but the treatment was expensive but I finally went ahead and booked an examination.

The problem was found instantly! I had a spicule at the end of my coccyx and also it wasn't moving and tucking in when I sat down but had got rather rigid. I had read about the manual manipulation so I knew what was going to be offered! It's been a slow process of visits every couple of week for 2 years but it's finally moving the right amount so my discomfort is at a real low level. I use special cushions in places To minimise damage/hurting further but overall this has worked and also Michael said I'd have gone down the steroid option there was a chance the bones could have fused and stuck like that! So glad I went.

Update, 2021-02-14

Hiya! It is still ok today!

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