Jumping off a boat dislocated my coccyx

Hannah, UK - hanac21@me.com

Posted 2020-10-04

Whilst on holiday in Costa Rica and having a lovely time on a boat trip I decided to jump off the boat into the water as a normal 32 year old would, and had done many times before. This time however was very different. The impact on landing in the water fractured and dislocated my coccyx. The pain was excruciating, but the hospital in Costa Rica did a fantastic job at looking after me.

On arriving back into the UK the world went into lockdown and I wasn't able to go to hospital. I rested for the coming months and practised lots of light yoga and pilates I felt a lot more mobile, however I still hadn't sat down and still had a constant pain that never subsided.

6 months down the line and with no trigger I woke up in so much pain it felt like it did when I first had the injury. After 2 weeks of trying to avoid the hospital and in immense pain, on codeine, not being able to sleep or walk and being worried I'd be stuck like this forever, I spoke to my GP who advise me to go to the hospital immediately with a suspected spinal cord damage.

At the hospital I was given an mri. The results came back and the NHS told me I had a 'very healthy spine, the fracture and dislocation had gone and it was probably a problem with my ovaries.' I was left feeling completely hopeless, and like I was going mad. My partner found this blog and Michael Durtnall's name appeared (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) so we booked an appointment with him and also an ultrasound for my ovaries. The ultrasound came back completely clear so again I felt clueless.

After getting an appointment with Michael instantly I felt at ease, he was the first person to really listen to me and understand how I was feeling. I was given an X-ray in his lovely calming office and was told I still have a severe dislocation, fused bones, curved spine and a twisted pelvis.

Although the prognosis wasn't great I actually breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in months that someone had acknowledged I had a problem. After my first appointment with Michael I was able to drive an hour to get home without any pain. This may seem minor but after not being able to drive for 7 months this was a huge achievement. I've now seen him 3 times and after each appointment I able to walk that little bit further, drive for longer and for the first time since my accident enjoy a meal without having to leave 40 mins in because the pain becomes too much.

Michael has not only made me feel comfortable in his presence and fixed me, he has given me hope that I won't be like this forever. I'm still on my road to recovery and have a way to go but I wanted to write this to give other people in my position that hope also. Please please please go and see this wonderful man you won't be disappointed I promise.

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