Manipulations and exercises from Bob Griffiths

Danielle, UK -

Posted 2020-11-08

My coccyx pain journey started after the birth of my second child, it started aching when I was sitting down and breastfeeding for hours on end. The pain then got really severe after a long car journey to Cornwall, so I started doing some research and discovered there were very few people who actually treat coccyx pain. The only problem was they were both in London and I live in Dorset!

After chatting to Bob Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) on the phone he was very reassuring, super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the problem. When I went to the clinic he was so thorough and gentle because I was a bit scared of the pain. He was really honest and said that the pain will take at least a few months to get better because I had damaged the tip quite severely with all the sitting, he also gave me exercises to do in between the sessions.

The pain was about 50% better after month 1 and completely gone by month 3. I saw him every fortnight during this time and did all my homework to make things better. He used laser and acupuncture on the coccyx which made a huge difference alongside the internal manipulation. I'm loving being pain free and having my life back, my only wish is that I didn't go sooner to get it fixed.

Thanks Bob :-)

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