Targeted acupuncture greatly reduced my chronic coccyx pain

Cameron, USA -

Posted 2020-12-06

No falls. No accidents. No childbirth... I'm male!

I started having tailbone pain around 2012 when I was 50 years old. It began right after I began spending long hours sitting on a comfy couch with my feet up and my laptop on….my lap!

The pain gradually became worse to the point that it took over my entire bottom. I could not sit for any amount of time, period. I cycled thru all types of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychologists, somatic healers and had every test and treatment they suggested including even a very expensive experimental Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with Ketamine.

I did make two appointments with the only surgeon in the Chicago area that continues to perform coccyx removal but based on others' experiences I never went thru with them.

The only test that ever showed anything was my very first x-ray which showed that my coccyx was bent up (towards horizontal line) and to the left. No expert ever thought that that could be causing all my pain. I never had any accidents so I believe I was born with that anomaly. Physical therapists who tried to internally message the area failed to make a difference. One that tried to pull out my coccyx and let it set back properly could not make it move even a bit. My coccyx is solid.

After years of disappointment turning into depression I ended up with another acupuncturist who asked me to point out the very point where the pain started while I laid down on my front on his table. I pointed to the very tip of my coccyx. He then inserted his longest needle (60 mm) toward that spot. I felt nothing as he gradually drove deeper and deeper, the handle part of the needle was now pressing on my bottom's skin. He continued to rotate it even farther when I finally felt something. He then left it there for 45 minutes. Next day I went back and told him that I felt like something had happened. He repeated the same process. I again felt something happening.

I could clearly feel a gradual reduction in my pain. It's been now five years and although I continue to avoid sitting with direct pressure on my coccyx (no horseback riding), I'm back to living a normal life again!

Our theory is that the years of sitting with a bad form with pressure on my coccyx along with my abnormally angulated coccyx had combined to squeeze the large number of nerves, tendons, and muscles that come together in that area. This squeeze was choking oxygen and natural chemicals from getting to that area. The acupuncture needled then agitated the area and "woke it up" to slowly start coming alive again.

And that's what allowed my body to heal itself.

Note from Jon Miles: This use of acupuncture needles at the site of the pain is different to traditional acupuncture, and more like Intramuscular stimulation (IMS).

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