Long coccyx with anterior angulation, now removed

Brandi, USA - bburdette073011@gmail.com

Posted 2020-01-26

I had suffered with coccyx pain for YEARS with no help from doctors. I tried every cushion I could find with little to no relief, chiropractic care, physical therapy etc. I had x-rays and 2 MRI'S, and everytime my results came back the radiologists always said unremarkable regarding my coccyx. Their answer was to send me to pain management.

While researching coccyx pain I found this website. I looked at a few of the doctors closest to me and researched them a little. I chose Dr John Glaser with MUSC in Charleston (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, South Carolina). It was a 4.5 hr drive, but within minutes of him looking at my images he told me what my issue was. I had an anterior angulation, my coccyx was longer than normal, it was in my bowel space, and could have caused a bowel perforation.

He told me that day that I would need a coccygectomy. They called me the next day and set my surgery up. I had the complete coccygectomy December 17 2019.

The first week or so was a little rough, but by the time I had my follow up January 1 2020 I felt so good I asked to go back to work! I still have some soreness when I sit for long periods, but I am only 1 month post op. The pain that I had prior to surgery is gone! The soreness I have after sitting now is just because I'm still healing.

I am so grateful to this website for helping me find an amazing doctor. There is hope!!!

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