Coccyx removed after other treatments failed

Anonymous, Norway -

Posted 2020-12-06

(If you just want to read about the surgery just scroll all the way down).

Around summer 2018 I started feeling some pain around my coccyx. It was light pain and I didn't really care much, because it was only some light pain after sitting for many hours. As time went on it got worse. Around summer 2019 I couldn't sit on a hard chair for even 10 minutes without having a lot of pain and I had to rise up really slow from the chair to avoid more pain.

It was around this time I went to my doctor and he transferred me to x-ray, MR and CT. It showed nothing! Everything was as normal, and they told me my pain would pass soon. Oh god how I wish they were right...

At this point I was clueless. My doctor couldn't help me and I had no idea who to talk to. I called my Insurance company and explained my situation, and they helped me from on there. They made an appointment with Vidar Opland, a specialist in back surgery 1 week later. I went there and explained everything, and then he gave me a nerve block injection.

He told me it would take some time before the nerve block worked as it should. After 1 week almost all of my pain was gone!! I was so happy. At least for a few months...

After almost exactly 3 months after my injection the pain was back. It went from 2/10 on a pain scale to 9/10 in just a day. I couldn't even sit down for a minute without having so much pain. Even bending forward was really painful!

A few days later I went back to get another injection. What else could I do? I needed pain relief, and a surgery wasn't even a option at this point because x-rays showed that everything was normal. After this injection I tried a lot of things. I tried to avoid sitting down as much as I could, went to acupuncture, chiropractor, physiotherapist god knows how many times.

All this, for nothing. After 2 months the pain was back worse than ever. I had pain all day, even when just laying on my stomach. Sitting for more than 2-5 minutes was impossible. I couldn't sit, work or drive. Nothing! I was about to give up everything.

Around this time I got a letter from the hospital. I don't remember exactly what it said because I threw it. But it was something like this: "We don't have the experience to help you with this but we recommend Rainer Knobloch at St.Olavs hospital" (see Doctors and specialists in Norway). I googled his name and it sent me straight to this website, I finally saw some hope.

My first meeting with Rainer was around 1 month after I got the letter. He did an x-ray of my coccyx, and after 10 minutes he knew exactly what was wrong with me. HOW? How is this possible? I've been to x-ray twice, MR and CT the past year and they told me everything was normal! Anyways. He told me my coccyx was pointing in a wrong direction, and advised me to do a coccygectomy. But first he wanted to give me a different type of injection in the coccyx nerve for some pain relief. The injection was effective for 1 month ish.

15 November 2020. Time for surgery!!

Did all the preparations and went to the hospital early in the morning. I never been more nervous in my life, literally shaking while the nurse was prepping me for the surgery. Last thing I remember is the nurse giving me some pills and I said "I will probably need some more, don't think this is enough".

Surgery took around 40 minutes and I woke up laying on my back. I told the nurse I felt great and I was ready to go home! She laughed, and I didn't understand why. Then I realized I was paralyzed from the stomach all the way down, lol. After a few hours I was up and walking, and the pain was slowly coming to me. Spent the night at the hospital, painkillers all night and went home morning after.

Had a lot of pain the first 3 days, but having painkillers in my system all day and night helped. After 3 days the worst pain was gone and after 1 week I stopped taking all painkillers. Its now been 14 days and I have no pain. Of course the surgical wound is numb and I feel discomfort when walking and laying on my back sometimes but it feels better than ever! I'm being really careful, haven't tried to sit yet. I don't know if my original pain will come back when I start to sit again, but I got a good feeling about this! Its been years since I had so little pain.

I just now realized how long this story was lol. But before my surgery I read hours of personal experiences on this site, and a lot of them was not a good experience for them. So for all of you that are having similar problem as me, find a good doctor and do the surgery! The only regret I have is that I didn't do this 1 year ago.

If you have any questions at all, feel free too contact me! I'm more than happy to help anyone with what I can.

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