Sitting doing crossword caused pudendal neuralgia


Posted 2020-08-16

I developed Pudental Neuralgia after sitting for hours in an awkward position every day for a month doing a jigsaw, which caused my coccyx to stiffen. The nerve pain in my pelvis was never ending and no pain killers could relieve the pain. Neither did I want to take tablets for nerve pain due to all the side effects. Finally I was diagnosed with Pudental Neuralgia after matching all the symptoms. The problem was that it happened during the Corona crisis so it was difficult to see anyone. When I googled to see who the Pudental Neuraligia expert in London was, I found, to my surprise, that it was my chiropractor, Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I knew of course that he was an excellent pelvic chiropractor as he had successfully treated my severe sacroiliac/ pubic symphysis pain during all my four pregnancies. I just could not believe my luck that he was also an expert in Pudental Neuralgia.

The only problem was that he was not allowed to work because of the Corona so I had to wait. I tried everything beforehand, stretches, breathing, self massage etc but nothing really helped. When I finally got to see him, he figured out very quickly that my sacroiliac joints was misaligned from the sitting, which had caused my coccyx to completely stiffen up with no mobility. That caused the pressure on the pudental nerve and caused my severe pain, especially when sitting.

Using various techniques, he managed to increase the mobility of the coccyx just after one session. I could immediately feel an improvement in my nerve pain. It didn't go away completely as the nerves take times to settle even if you remove the cause. Then the following day, I also had a deep tissue massage around the entire coccyx/ sacroiliac joint area and that reduced the nerve pain even more.

On top of this, he also advised me to use a coccyx pillow with a gap in the middle This enabled me to sit with no pain. Previous to this pillow, I wouldn't even sit down for meals.

Mr Durtnall is a one of kind magician who knows and fixes everything. He has also successfully treated my husband with neck and back problems. He is both jack of all trades and master of all.

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