Testimony from Israel

Anonymous, Israel

Posted 2020-03-15

I am another one of those who suffers coccyx pain, from Israel. For about 1.5 year that there is no time in day without a pain. Pain started after a trial practice in a gym and stayed till today. There is no medical test that I didn't do, even suggested to go to psychiatrist in case I'm imaging the pain. Eventually, I've been diagnosed with interior angulation of the coccyx 4/4 degree with subluxation.

I had numerous Impar block steroid injection, pudendal block, supposed to go through a Botox injection. Currently, the opposite occur, the pelvis muscles hurts so much, also the anus and its sides, Puborectalis muscles shortened.

Take morphine pills and confirmed to receive cannabis by the health ministry. Suggested with 4 Surgeons that prefer not to remove the coccyx and tell that I should learn to live with the pain.

I can't stand it anymore. I am tired of pain. Two month ago, I found by accident https://www.coccyx.org. I Started to read lots of testimonies of people around the world. It didn't take much time to indicate that there is high percentage of people reported a relief after performed a treatment on Sayer clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

My story was sent as an email to the clinic, Lucie and Alex confirmed that Dr Michael is positive and thinks that he can help me. Couple of weeks later when Covid-19 epidemiology is on rise, I found myself standing in front of Dr Durtanll.

The knowledge and experience of Dr Durtnall regarding coccyx pain was undoubtedly be seen. His attitudes towards my story gave me a hope that there is someone that can help.

This was a very intensive week, a lot of information, exercises, what to do and from what should I avoid, how to keep a positive thinking inside this hell. It seems like I had to be re-born again.

Although, I'm one of the patients that reported with a stubborn coccyx with zero percent of tail movement, still Dr Durtnall made a quite big change by intensive mobilization series that helped for 40 percent of coccyx flexibility.

I can report that after 2 days of treatment the pain vanished. The pain score scale moved from 6-7 to 0 from without taking any drugs. This gave me the hope that I'm on a place that knows what to do.

The treatments also include pelvis physio with Carolina and Magda therapists. I geared up with videos of pelvic exercises that should rehabilitate the flexibility of the pelvic muscles and also strength the supportive abdomen muscles that were neglected for years.

I returned to my place this week.

Currently feels that pain is there (1 of 10), however it can be controlled with the knowledge I gain. I know that it will take time but now I had the knowledge, tools and exercises to rehabilitate the pelvis. The most important, there is someone that is always on my back to keep me up and help me.

I will keep sending updates. meanwhile, Sayer clinic, thank you all for new way of life.

MRI of angulated coccyx

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