Vacek: The Painful Coccyx

and its Influence on the Movement Pattern for Hip Extension

J. Vacek, M. Veverkova, V. Janda, V. Bezvodova, & P. Dvorakova

Rehabilitation Medicine, Postgraduate School of Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic

Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine 2000 22 42-44


The movement of hip extension was studied in cases of coccygeal pain. Electromyographic recordings were made of the strength and sequence of activation of muscles of the thoracolumbar spine, buttock, and thigh, before and after therapeutic relaxation of the gluteal and pelvic floor muscles. Change occurred in the abnormal muscle patterns in 22 of 24 cases. These results may influence diagnosis in cases of low back pain, and treatment of low back and coccygeal pain.

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