Results of coccygectomy in patients with traumatic coccydynia

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British Volume)

2008; 90-B (Suppl 3): 528.

Shoakazemi A, Shaffay M, Fagan D, Mehdian SMH.



Retrospective review of patients after coccygectomy for post traumatic coccydynia.


13 patients (2 male, 11 female; mean age 37.8 years) who had undergone coccygectomy in our unit between 19952005 were identified and their case notes were reviewed. All patients had coccydynia with clear history of trauma, had failed to respond to three MUA and injections, and on clinical examination by senior author had hypermobile coccyx. All patients were operated by the senior author, using a standard technique whereby all segments of the coccyx from sacrococcygeal joint were excised. At follow up postal questionnaire was sent to all patients. This included, Visual Analogue Score (VAS) for Pain now and VAS for pain over one week, overall patient satisfaction, and Oswestry disability Index (ODI), The non-respondents were contacted by telephone 3 weeks later. Overall response was 100%.


Mean time from the onset of symptoms to coccygectomy was 23.8 months (range 572). Average length of follow up was 3.8 years (range 0.710.8). 6 patients (46%) had 0 pain for VAS now and VAS over one week. 2 patients (15%) had mild pain VAS (1,2) for pain now and over 1 week, and 4 patients(31%) had moderate pain VAS (5,5,5,6) for pain now and VAS (5,5,5,5) for pain over 1 week and 1 patient (8%) had severe pain VAS (8). ODI was normal or mild disability (020%) in 8 patients (71%), 4 patients had moderate disability (ODI 2140%) and 1 had severe disability (ODI 54%). Overall Ten patients (76.9%) were satisfied with the result and would consider the same surgery again.


Surgical treatment of post traumatic coccydynia resistant to conservative measures can lead to satisfactory results, if appropriate patient selection criteria are applied.


Correspondence should be addressed to: Mr N. J. Henderson, BASS, c/o BOA, The Royal College of Surgeons, 3543 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PE.

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