Principal matters which retard delivery in labours

A treatise of midwifry

1742 Page 42-43

Fielding Ould

Oliver Nelson, Milton's Head, Skinner's Row, Dublin

The Os Coccygis being too much turned into the Pelvis, often impedes the Expulsion of the Child; this Difficulty is removed by forcing it back: The usual Direction for this Purpose, (even by Deventer, who boasts so much of the Rules he lays down for the right Management of this Bone, which he esteems as one of the greatest Discoveries he has made) is to introduce one or two Fingers into the Vagina, with the Palm of the Hand facing the Anus, and fixing the Fingers on the End of the Coccyx, push it back as much as possible. I shall humbly beg leave to observe, that one or two Fingers, which is the most that can be used on this Occasion, can have but very small Force in this Position, and also that the Space which they take up in the Vagina, will produce as much Difficulty as the Crookedness of the Os Coccygis.

These Considerations induced me to try another Method, which answered the End much better; that is, to introduce the Thumb, being oiled, into the Anus, and fix it on the Point of the Coccyx; then apply all the Fingers of the same Hand, on the lower Part of the Os Sacrum, whereby making a Counterpressure, the Coccyx is pulled out by the Thumb, as far as is thought necessary, with great Ease.

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