Nott: Coccyodynia

Medical Times and Gazette

1861, 1: 317

J. C. Nott

Mobile, Alabama, United States

February 25, 1861.

To Professor Simpson.

Dear Sir, - In looking this morning over one of my journals I saw recorded your article on Coccyodynia, which I read with much pleasure and instruction.

The symptoms of the affection are so palpable, the pathology, if not obvious, so intimately connected with a point, and the remedy so rational, that I cannot imagine how your general course of reasoning should have been so long overlooked by the Profession.

After having met with many other cases which had greatly annoyed me, one of four years' standing presented itself to me in 1832, in which the sufferings were intense and prolonged beyond description. I removed the coccyx with perfect relief, and the case was published in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, vol. iii. p. 113 (1833)*.

Since that time I have operated on and published other cases. While on a visit to Philadelphia, several years ago, I paid a visit to my old friend Professor Meigs, and in conversation mentioned the subject. He seemed so much interested in the matter that I sent him two of my specimens, which he has annually exhibited to his class since.

I attach no importance to priority in a matter of this kind, but am much gratified in having the weight of your name in support of an operation which I think destined to relieve much suffering.

I am, Sir, very respectfully,

Your obedient Servant,


Professor of Surgery in Alabama Medical College.

* This reference is wrong. Nott published his account of the case in the New Orleans Medical Journal in 1844. He had no publications in the American Journal of Medical Sciences in 1833.

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