The marine practice of physic and surgery

Vol. 1, page 251-252.

London : printed by W. and J. Richardson, for T. Becket and P.A. de Hondt, 1770.

William Northcote

The Os Coccygis may be luxated either outward or inward; the former is occasioned by a hard birth only, and therefore seldom happens. When it is dislocated inward, which most commonly happens by some fall, blow, or other violence, you are to dip your finger in oil and introduce it into the anus, and the other fingers being applied externally, reduce the bone into its proper place

When it is luxated outward, replace it by your fingers applied externally; and after the reduction, compresses are to be retained upon the part (first wet with sp. vin. camph.) by the T bandage, and the patient is to lie on one side or the other alternately; or if he sits, it must be in a chair with a hole in the bottom, to prevent any displacing of the bone again by pressure, as before directed in fractures of this part.

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