Disclocation of the coccyx

Chapter 59 of 'Medico-surgical observations'

page 273-274

Jobi Janszoon van Meek'ren


Published 1668 in Dutch

Latin translation by Abrahamo Blasio, published 1682 by Henrici & viduae Theodori Boom, 1682

Scanned original from Google Books (pdf)

As a result of the complex articulation, dislocation can easily occur, another major risk.

A woman devoted to the Anabaptist sect, using the toilet but not realising the lid was closed, suddenly injured her coccyx, so that she could not stand nor sit, but had to be carried to bed.

On the second day she had a high pain, present from the first day, as in a serious fever, and convulsions, they called upon me, not an ordinary physician.

All the symptoms considered, the origin of the misfortune is a pronounced dislocation of the coccyx, but no way this can be lessened or taken away, unless the finger is placed in the opening of the anus to restore it to its proper place. But she refused this operation, without any words, suffused with shame, [...unable to translate].Seeing that we could do nothing, we departed leaving her miserably sick, lying down.

The night was very troublesome, because of her symptoms, especially convulsions, [...unable to translate], she pressed for manual repositioning of the dislocated bone in the morning.

And so following the prescribed manner of Ambroise Paré, a finger of the left hand was dipped in oil of roses and inserted into the rectum, moved in various ways, feeling the place with the right hand, the small bone returned to its proper place, which with quick effect removed all the symptoms. A wax salve applied to the outside completed the cure.

Jobi ŕ Meek'ren.

Observationes medico-chirurgicae ex Belgico in Iatinum translatae ab Abrahmao Blasio Amsterdam, Henrici & Viduae, Theodori Boom 1682.

CAP 59

De luxatione ossis caudae

Articulationis ope quae iuncta, luxatione facile seiungi possunt, una tamen alia majoris periculi.

Mulier quaedam Anabaptistarum sectae addicta alve excrementa deponere studens, operculo locum secretum indebite tectum ignorans, ex improviso os coccygis laedebat, adeo ut nec stare nec sedere valeret, sed ab aliis in lectum deportari debuerit.

Altero die dolor summus, qui jam a primo tempore adfuerat, similiter ac febris gravis, convulsiones que me advocari fecerunt, nec non medicum ordinarium.

Considerandi consideratis omnium symptomatum, originem ossis caudae luxationem infortunio quodam contractam pronunciavimus, nullo vero modo ea tolli vel imminui posse, nisi digito in anum immisso os idem suo loco restitucretur. At illa operationem hanc admitteret, nullis verbis, pudore suffusa, induci potuit, quae exigebat topica nullius fructus declarabamus, quamdia repositio debita haud peracta.

Quod nihil omnino hic efficere no posse observaremus, relicta aegrotante misere decumbente, discessimus.

Nox molest valde, ob symptomatum, convulsionis imprimis, incrementum, quod commodum, imo unicum in hoc casu medium heri declaraveramus, manualem nempe ossis luxati repositionem, mane summo admitteret, urgebat.

Secutus adeoque modum a Paraeo l.16.c.14 aliisque praescriptum, digitum sinistrae manus Oleo rosarum inunctum in intestinum rectum immisi, mox manu dextra variis modis locum affectum tractavi, usque dum cum strepitu in locum suum ossicula recederent, quod brevi effectum, symptomatibus omnibus in totum sublatis. Exterius Ceratum vigonis imponebatur ad curationis absolutionem.

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