Coccygodynia (article in a 1995 medical newsletter)

Jerry Holubec

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Abstract by Jon Miles from a 1995 newsletter article by Jerry Holubec

Although the vast majority of coccygeal pain is related to benign causes, tumors of the sacrum and spinal cord and some other diseases must be ruled out before treating the pain. If traditional treatments such as injections do not provide pain relief, neurolytic techniques may be used. In the past these have been directed towards the fourth and fifth sacral nerves and coccygeal nerves. I have found that lidocaine injected in a different location, around the junction of the sacrum and coccyx and in front of this junction, can give significant pain relief. If a patient finds temporary relief from this injection, then radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the same site will give long-lasting relief.

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