New approaches to ganglion impar blocks via coccygeal joints

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

Vol 32, No 3 (May-June), 2007: 269-273

Patrick M. Foye

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, 90 Bergen Street, DOC-3100, Newark, NJ 07103-2499.


Dr. Foye reviews the benefits of various injection techniques used in performing nerve blocks at the ganglion Impar (a collection of nerve tissue at the coccyx). Dr. Foye summarizes a technique that he first published in 2006, as well as describing another new technique. By looking at the imaging studies and performing the injections under the guidance of fluoroscopy, the injecting physician can choose which technique will be the easiest and most effective in a given patient.

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