Luxations du coccyx

Traité élémentaire de pathologie externe. T. 3, Maladies des tissus, maladies des régions

Paris : Victor Masson et Fils, 1868. Page 339-340.

Follin, E, Duplay, S.


Dislocation of the coccyx.

The coccyx may be dislocated forwards or backwards, forwards being much more common. If the dislocation is not reduced immediately, the pain persists and increases with the slightest movement. To reduce the dislocation, insert finger into the rectum and strongly push the dislocated bone backwards. There is rarely any difficulty. But if the coccyx is very mobile, it will be necessary to introduce a pessary or a tampon into the rectum to maintain the coccyx in place. Reducing a backwards dislocation is easy.

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