Manipulation for coccydynia

Presented at the 8th World Congress of Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Dubai, November 2013

Michael Durtnall

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Abstract (by Jon Miles)

Eighty-seven consecutive patients who presented at a chiropractic clinic with coccyx pain were treated using internal or external manipulation of the coccyx (depending on the problem) and acupuncture. Some of these patients had additional pain, such as pelvic pain. 62% had a history of trauma to the area of the coccyx, ranging from mild to severe. The time since onset of the pain ranged from 1 month to 24 years, with a median of 1 year.

The mean number of manipulation treatments to reach maximum improvement was 6.5 (range 1-20) and the mean duration of treatment was 3 months (range 0-16).

Patients rated their pain on a scale of 0 to 100% before and after treatment. At the end of their course of treatment 41% had 90-100% improvement. The average reduction in pain among all patients was 73%.

Percent improvement from manipulation

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