The surgeon's vade mecum: a manual of modern surgery

8th edition, 1859, published by Henry Renshaw and John Churchill. London

Druitt, Robert

Page 249

Fracture of the os coccygis, or of the lower extremity of the sacrum, may be caused by violent kicks or falls; the former may occur during parturition to women who have children after the coccyx is united to the sacrum. The loose portions must be replaced by introducing the finger within the rectum. The patient should keep in bed, and the bowels must be kept relaxed, so that no disturbance may be occasioned by hard stools.

Page 739

The coccyx may require to be cut out for disease, or for neuralgia; and for the latter malady it is sometimes necessary to make a subcutaneous incision, so as to isolate the bone from all the surrounding tissues.

Note - the 7th edition of this book contains the first quote above, but not the second.

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