Dislocations of the bones of the pelvis

A dictionary of practical surgery

1836. Page 319. Harper & Brothers.

Cooper, S.


Authors mention two kinds of dislocation to which the os coccygis is liable; one inwards, the other outwards. The first is always occasioned by external violence; the second by the pressure of the child's head in difficult labours. Pain, difficulty of voiding the feces and urine, tenesmus, and inflammation, sometimes ending in abscesses which interest the rectum, are symptoms said to attend and follow dislocations of the os coccygis.

The best authors now regard all schemes for the reduction useless, as the bone will spontaneously return into its place as soon as the cause of displacement ceases: and the introduction of the finger within the rectum, and handling of the painful and injured parts, are more likely to increase the subsequent inflammation, and produce abscesses, than have any beneficial effect. In short, the wisest plan is to be content with enjoining quietude, and adopting antiphlogistic measures.

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