Morphofunctional changes of coccyx area in post-traumatic coccygodynia

Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine)

2004; 50(6): 114-7. [Article in Ukrainian]

Brusko AT, Nosov AT, Shevchuk AV.


For definition of a pathogenesis of post-traumatic coccygodynia, a study of morpho-functional changes of the structures of coccyx's area was organized. The preparations of coccyx, removed during operative intervention from 23 different-aged patients with manifestations of disease were analyzed by roentgen, histological technique and a submicroscopy.

In a cartilaginous tissue from patients with post-traumatic coccygodynia, dystrophic changes of chondrocytes down to their atrophy, a destruction of the basic material with partial replacement of a fibrillar cartilaginous tissue with a hyaline cartilage were observed with a different degree of manifestation. Vessels and sacrococcygeal nervous plexus were subjected to pathological changes.

Increased post-traumatic mobility, alterations in the process of ossification, deceleration of physiological joining of coccyx vertebras and sacrococcygeal joint alter biomechanical properties of coccyx at sitting. These alterations lead to the long-lasting traumatization with degenerative - dystrophic changes, reinforcement of pain syndrome and manifestation of dysfunctions of organs of pelvis.

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