Neuralgia cured by massage

G. Berghman

Hygiea: Förhandlingar Vid Svenska Låkare-Sållskapets (Proceedings of the Swedish Medical Society).

1873, page 249.;view=1up;seq=261

Annu ett fall torde det tillåtas mig att i korthet omnàmna, ehuru jag ej àr i tillfàlle att förevisa patienten sjelf. Det rör en 30-årig mamsell, som i nier àn 2 år lidit af en envis vàrk i trakten af korset och klinkorne, men aldrig annat àn nàr hon en stund varit i sittande stàllning, hvarfore ock denna stàllning för henne var ytterst plågsam. Dr Hàggström har nyligen skött henne för en ulcerativ cervikal-katarr, hvilken vid pat:s ankomst till mig var làkt, men vàrken qvarstod. Dr Hàggström hade tillika diagnosticerat en coccygodyni, och vid tryck på yttersta àndan af coccyx kànde patienten en olidlig smàrta, spridande sig till de ofvan nàmnda partierna. Ingen contractura eller fissura ani fanns. Efter 8 behandlingar med massage kunde patienten sitta huru lànge som helst utan smàrta. Hon slutade då och har àfven sedermera besökt mig och förklarat sig fullt frisk.

Google translation:

Another case would be permitted me to briefly mention, though I am not in a position to demonstrate the patient herself. It is a 30 year old Miss, as in the colonies than two years sustained by a stubborn pain in the area of the cross and klinkorne, but never other than when she was a moment been seated, wherefore also the position from her was excruciating. Dr. Haggstrom recently attended her for ulcerative cervical catarrh, which, at the patient’s arrival at me was healed, but neither qvarstod. Dr. Haggstrom had who is also diagnosed a coccygodyni, and pressures on the outer extremity of the coccyx patient felt an excruciating pain spreading to the ofvan mentioned parties. No contractura or fissura ani was. After 8 treatments with massage the patient could sit how long any time without pain. She then stopped and has even subsequently visited me and explained herself fully fit.

This paper covered three cases of neuralgia, of which the case of coccydynia was the third. The paper was summarised in Nordiskt medicinskt arkiv, and from there translated into English for the New York Medical Journal:

New York Medical Journal, July, 1875. Vol 22, page 99. [Translations from foreign journals: Nordiskt medicinskt arkiv, vol. vi., No. 2.]

G. Berghman communicated to the Swedish Medical Society the results of the treatment of three cases of neuralgia by massage. The first case was that of a woman, forty-two years of ago, who had suffered during more than four years from severe neuralgia of the ulnar nerve. The pains were so severe and so completely incapacitated her for the slightest household-work that she was admitted to the hospital for incurables. On examination, the ulnar nerve was found to be extremely sensitive throughout its entire length, and more especially at the elbow. After the application of the massage for several months, she was free from pain and able to work.

The second case was a man, fifty-four years of age, who had for five years suffered neuralgia of the trigeminus in the left side of the face. At last the pains occurred every five minutes during the day and constantly awakened him from his sleep at night. The pain was very severe, but no special puncta dolorosa could be discovered. After treatment for six days he had intervals of freedom from pain for three-quarters of an hour; in three days more the painless intervals had increased to two hours, and after ten days' treatment the pains ceased entirely. This patient was exhibited to the society.

The third case was a woman, thirty years of age, who had, for more than two years, had the ordinary symptoms of coxydynia. After eight days' treatment she was relieved from the tenderness and pains, and has since remained well.

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