Coccydynia caused by falls

Falls are the most common cause of coccydynia. A fall on to the bottom may be caused by a slip on ice or a wet surface, by tripping over an object, or even deliberate actions like someone taking away a chair as you are sitting down. Slipping on stairs is particularly likely to cause damage.

In most cases it is the flesh and the 'sit-bones' that hit the floor, not the coccyx itself, but the shock forces the coccyx out of its normal position, damaging the joint between the sacrum and the coccyx, or one of the joints within the coccyx. In a few cases, the fall causes some object to hit the coccyx directly, dislocating it.

Where someone else has been at fault in causing the injury, it may be possible to claim compensation. (Note - there was a story circulating on the internet that a woman had obtained compensation for coccydynia caused by a fall in a restaurant, after she had slipped on some juice that she herself had thrown at her boyfriend. This story turned out to be a hoax.) It may be hard to prove the extent of the pain, and some people have had to take court action to get compensation. The diagnostic tests suggested in the Investigation and diagnosis section could prove helpful in such cases.

Personal experiences of coccydynia caused by falls:

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Lisa - Fell down the stairs

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Updated 2005-01-23

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