Coccydynia caused by car accidents

Car accidents can result in long-term coccyx pain - see the personal experiences below. It is not surprising that such accidents can cause this pain, since coccydynia is most often caused by damage to the joint between the sacrum and the coccyx, or one of the joints within the coccyx, so it is a 'soft tissue' injury.

As is the case with neck whiplash injury, it may be hard to prove the extent of the pain, and some people have had to take court action to get compensation after a car accident has caused coccydynia. The diagnostic tests suggested in the Investigation and diagnosis section could prove helpful in such cases.

See comments from Albrecht, a German osteopath, about the association between whiplash and coccydynia.

The medical paper by Bayne et al gives details of the causes of 48 cases of coccydynia, including two caused by motor vehicle accidents. This paper could therefore be useful in cases where an insurance company disputes whether this type of injury can be caused by a vehicle accident.

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Updated 2006-01-29

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